Kent Affordable Housing is a 501(c)3 nonprofit group run by Kent volunteers. Its mission is to build, develop, own, and operate affordable housing for the benefit of individuals and families in the Town of Kent, Connecticut.  Kent Affordable Housing believes that: a mix of people from different economic circumstances has been Kent's history and should be Kent's future; affordable housing will provide both economic and social benefits to the town;  the price of housing has forced some people with modest financial resources to leave the town, especially young families who contribute to essential community services; participation by all parts of the Kent community, along with public and commercial funding, are essential to the growth of affordable housing in Kent.-the overwhelming majority of housing opportunities, including those developed with state or federal money, will benefit local residents and workers and their families.

THE NIGHT OF A THOUSAND PIES - Homemade specialties to support new homes 

Since 2006, The Night of a Thousand Pies has been a popular annual event on Kent's autumn calendar, ushering in the holiday season.  This once-a-year fundraiser for KAH is a warm-hearted way for Kent residents and visitors alike to celebrate Kent and get to know each other.

In 2017 Kent Affordable Housing enlarged this daytime event to include an early-buying preview party, more baked goods and offerings from local artisans and services.

This new Bakers and Makers Market has replaced the previous tradition of dinners in private homes with a more open community festival.  This event, showcasing local crafts, services, arts and edibles, reflects the diversity of talents that make Kent a vibrant place to work and live.  

On Friday night, to launch the event, KAH will host the 2nd Annual Preview Party.  Guests, for a small fee, will have the first pick at items for sale and enjoy locally-sourced beer, wine and hors d'oeuvres.

On Saturday, our Market will be open and free to all.  Take home a whole pie or other baked treat, shop for handmade gifts or purchase local service gift certificates.  Don't forget to participate in the silent auction!

Invitations will be mailed in October to local residences and friends outside of Kent.  Please check our website in the fall for more details. To join our invitation list email

This event is underwritten by Webster Bank & Union Savings Bank