The prized possession of the Kent Historical Society is Seven Hearths (located at 4 Studio Hill Road), a large pre-Revolutionary house circa 1751. As the flagship of the Flanders National Historic District, and the only original building open to the public, Seven Hearths offers a unique view of the early development of the Town of Kent. For much of the twentieth century it was the home and studio of noted New York artist George Laurence Nelson.

Seven Hearths’ history is Kent’s history! Drawing on the extraordinary life of this house, Seven Hearths is the primary vehicle to connect the people of Kent to their past. The Nelson studio and collection within Seven Hearths inspires and enriches a larger community that includes the significant art and art history world beyond Kent.

Through history and art programs, ties to the local area public and independent educational community are strengthened, not only in our own region but other surrounding school districts as well. Seven Hearths is a primary destination for New England tourists as well as a valuable research tool for serious artists and historians.

The Society maintains archives and their office at The Tallman House, 10 Studio Hill Road.