Where spirited designs become reality. St. John's Bridge founder, Gregory St. John, studied painting and printmaking at the Cleveland Institute of Art and started apprenticing himself to woodworkers twenty years ago. For him, the experience of altering and creating new spaces with a wide variety of materials was a natural progression from his fine arts training. Over the years, he has collected a group of highly specialized craftspeople who bring a wide variety of skills to St. John's Bridge. This is reflected in the unusual combination of materials that one finds in many of St. John's Bridge creations, materials that have included any species of wood, stone, steel, and shell.

As a result, St. John's Bridge is not bound to any particular tradition, and produces both original contemporary designs and period replications. The overlying goal is to create objects that are designed for and in collaboration with the individual client. In order to achieve this, St. John's Bridge is able to work with a varying combination of architects, designers, and often the personal input of the clients themselves.