A Marvelwood education is characterized by intensive personal attention to the individual student. The structure of the School is thoughtfully designed to support college-bound students in their efforts to achieve positive intellectual, social, personal and moral growth. Marvelwood's mission is to provide the path that leads to personal growth and academic success for young people willing to get involved in their own education and committed to the challenge of preparing for college. The School is an optimistic place that provides a structured, supportive and challenging environment, celebrates diversity, and awakens untapped potential.

On campus, there is a strong family atmosphere which creates a very nurturing and supportive learning environment. Teachers are more than just educators at Marvelwood; they are advisors, coaches and role models to our students. The educational partnership that develops between our students and teachers is a bond that enables students to achieve success not just in the classroom, but in almost everything they do at Marvelwood: from playing on a team and developing sportsmanship, to trusting a fellow student to belay him/her down a rock-faced slope, to taking a chance in the classroom. Building a student's overall self-esteem and confidence is one of our most important goals. 

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