Operating since 1924, we are brother/sister camps with two separate but equal facilities, located only 90 minutes from New York City set on a magnificent 200 acre lakefront property in the foot hills of the Berkshire Mountains. We have a well-rounded program in Sports, Creative Arts and Outdoor Adventure that offers our campers great instruction and recreational experiences. There are up to 225 boys and 225 girls in each session, ranging in age from 8 to 15.

Our program revolves around two 4 week sessions.

Each session comprises of 4 program cycles, and special events. Our program is unique in that all of our campers arrive together, and leave together. They share the camp experience as a whole community and no one can sign up for more than one session.

Camp’s tradition, location, program and staff make it a premier, “Stand Out” camp. There is no other 4 week camp like us on the planet, making our camps truly special places.