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Sixteen years of helping others sell and buy real estate has filled me with the understanding of how a house is built from the foundation up. The difference between: a cesspool, septic and sewer, knob and tube, BX or Romex wiring, public water verses a private well, schedule A, how to read a survey and find out everything there is to know about the property.

Working with the sellers and buyers with contracts, negotiating, inspectors, etc is second nature for me.

Driving around Litchfield & Fairfield County discovering Old Gems, weaving in an out of Lake communities, pointing out the faults and pluses, noting homes that would not qualify for FHA and watching the happiness I bring to the clients helping them through the process of buying and selling real estate is what makes my job enjoyable.

I'm the type of broker that will sit down and listen to your needs and make sure we address them one by one to insure we get you into your next dream home…

Growing up in Roxbury and living in several of its neighboring towns gave me time to explore the caves, rivers, lakes, pinnacles and find hidden treasures.

I enjoy pointing out hiking trails, rivers, lakes, land marks, etc.. and sharing the local history and myths.

Like the history of the Shepaug Railroad line it was in business from 1872-1948 the steam engine and rail cards traveled from Bethel, through Hawleyville, with a transfer to the Housatonic Railroad, through Washington and Roxbury ending in Litchfield. The Train delivered ice blocks from Bantam Lake to the different towns, pick up quarried stone in Roxbury and New Preston to build the Brooklyn Bridge. Borden creamery was built and started shipping dairy products out of Washington Depot to New York with a connecting train. Twice a week passengers from the area would ride the train to vacation in different parts of the county. The Roxbury Station and its buildings was purchased by the Roxbury Land Trust and Elliot Davis. The general store houses the Land Trust and the Station and Tobacco barn are home to a distillery. (BRealEstate.net was the selling broker for the Station and Tobacco barn).

Another chunk of history is the Iron Ore Furnaces located in Cornwall, Kent, Sharon, Salisbury and other neighboring towns. They melted down pig iron to make iron for tools, plows, axes, ammunition etc.., Several of the towns have land trusts protecting the still standing furnaces. Then there are the myths and tales like Dudleytown which is suppose to be one of the most haunted places in CT.

The legends, history, beautiful rolling hills, quint towns, hiking trails and water sports is what makes Litchfield County so interesting. Buzz me and I'll give you a tour.

My other interests are volunteering:

I'm an active member with the Kent Lions Club where I help set up tents, stations or flip burgers to raise money for the club. The Lions main focus is to raise money for sight awareness. They also give out scholarships to students in the area and help out the community where needed.

This year is my third year helping out with LOF Leap Of Faith. It is an adaptive water skiing program for adults and children who have disabilities. The program has given so many people who are visually impaired, in a wheel chair, missing a limb or two or have disabilities we can't see a chance to enjoy water sports with help from adaptive skis and volunteers.

Buzz me....I look forward to working with you…

Bonnie Sue Bevans